Partnership with Karhu.

We are glad to announce the partnership between the OM.CC Team and Karhu -that will indeed be our provider for the free-time wear.

The partnership with Karhu comes from the need to provide the members of our team with comfortable, stylish and innovative team wear.

Karhu and the OM.CC team share the same desire: offering not only a product, but a lifestyle, oriented towards physical and mental well-being, reached through the same passion for sport.

The design is clean and functional with the maximum care to the fabric choice and to details quality, so that each garment is comfortable and lasts for long.

For Karhu, the partnership with OM.CC Team represents an unexplored world: the cycling world.

“We are happy and proud to announce the collaboration between Karhu and the OM.CC Team.

Karhu follows the Finnish principles of simplicity of design and purity. For these reasons, we decided to associate our brand with the elegance and technically advanced solutions of Officine Mattio. The thread that binds the two companies is the Italian DNA.

We are confident that this collaboration will bring important developments at national and international level.

With great willpower, determination, perseverance, and rationality we will merge these two worlds: running and cycling.”

The Arese Family