Mirrors to communicate emotions.

Antique Mirror creates special products in the flat glass industry.

For more than forty years, Antique Mirror has dedicated itself to researching and creating special products in the flat glass industry.

The offer includes a wide selection of antique and decorative mirrors for the most varied uses: upholstery of furniture, sheets, tiles, furnishing accessories, design objects, etc.

All our sheets and mosaics are produced in the factory in Sovicille (Siena) using particular patented procedures and only artisan techniques. Each product, while similar in nature, is unique and unrepeatable.

Continuous research in the sector has made it possible to develop various product applications, including tiles, mosaic panels and home objects.

For years we have been collaborating with partners all over the world. From Italian wholesalers to Saudi Arabian glassworks, passing through French architectural firms and American distributors. Over the years, we have developed an increasingly wide network of contacts not only in terms of quantity, but also in terms of market sector. We do have the possibility of working the material internally and, therefore, of creating bespoke products.

Hotels, casinos, concept stores, boutiques and restaurants are some of the locations where you can admire their products.

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