Sale, cutting, winding and recycling of paper.

SRT ITALIA has been operating in the paper market since 1943.

Over time, it developed into two divisions:

– processing and sale of printing paper on reels and in format;

– collection and recovery of unsold, returned and waste paper.

SRT ITALIA buys and trades nationally and internationally with the major European countries – such as France, Germany, Sweden, Norway, England and Belgium – as well as non-European countries.

Nowadays, SRT ITALIA processes over 120,000 tons of paper per year in its factories.

It collaborates with the main paper mills and printers with which it buys and sells first and second choice printing paper and stock paper. The paper is used for offset and rotogravure cut and processed in the sizes and types required by the customer in order to optimize the production process.

Driven by an advanced organizational structure and logistics, SRT ITALIA provides its customers with a punctual service- for medium and small quantities alike.

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