Think Outside the Box.

Design / Engineering / Prototyping automotive company.

The STEP Group was founded in 1992 by a team of designers who had worked at Fiat Auto, one of the most important international automotive groups. The main goal, fully achieved, was to offer outsourcing design activities, while remaining anchored to the world of cars and its related industries.

By expanding from year to year, refining and perfecting production procedures, updating and enriching it technologies, the STEP Group has become a real “partner” to its Customers, with the ability to support the manufacturing company even in the most delicate moments of the production process.

Feeling the need to deploy resources throughout the territory, new divisions came to life:
– in 2006, STEP SUD MARE Srl;
– on December 3rd, 2009: the STEP Group opens us an establishment in Brazil, named STEP do BRASIL ENGENHARIA LTDA;
– in 2014, STEP TURKEY group was founded, with the operational headquarters in Bursa;
– since February 2014, the STEP Group can count on a new operational headquarters located in Modena.

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